For a While ... For a chance ... again ...

posted on 13 May 2008 10:42 by mmmmmmm

ไม่ได้อัพ มาหลายปีแสง 555 ซะหน่อยแล้วกันค่า 



Last night ... you called me

you call me ... sometimes , often , ... half year ago ...

~susceptible feeling~

you wake me up ... you lull me to sleep

now...I'm dreaming again


Which is our status ?  is it not important ?

As your Question last night ... why ?

Why ? Why ? Why ? Why ? Why ? Why ?

my answer...Because of you

I was watched the Sad JP Series but it was not sad like now.

the saddest is me

coz I'm not best enogh to stand beside you

Now I'm trying to be that girl

to be the best girl to stand beside you

but long way to go ... long way to go

your sis will get marry this month...Congrat to Her^^

But you ... ?

Will you give me a chance ?

Will you give me a while ?

to be the best girl to stand beside you

if the answers are not

please do not called me again...



my poor English -_-'''




Learn to love yourself and the whole world will fall in love with you too. big smile

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big smile


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